Attachments, Detachments and everything in betWeen!

Have you ever felt attached and then at a point felt detached?  Ever noticed this change in your life where you feel you are not part of others as you used to be?

There are times where you just sit and think about things. So this is one phase where I just sat and thought what’s actually happening around me because I’ve met a friend of mine and its been long really long time I’ve actually spent some time listening to the changes in lives. We all were attached to some people but then Life happens and we get busy and we won’t be a part of some transitions. Why does that happen. This transitional state is very different, people get busy, they get promoted, they fly, they get broken, they get high and many things. We get too busy to even show interest in what’s happening with people around you. Does that mean we are not interested? No. We are just Busy. Is it right to be detached because we are busy. I don’t know.

My point is We meet different people at different phases of our lives. How many of them are we keeping track of? That sounds psychotic but the meaning was for how many of them are we having the transitional data. A few selected. The count goes lesser when your age increases. The theory of  relativity 2.0

Is this mid life crisis? Maybe. Maybe Not

Another rant. Change is the only constant. And guess what? I’ve been watching Tamil movies with subs. I’ve always had inclination towards crime thrillers and now I’m into Tamil. I’ve watched quite few decent movies and actually was amazed because I was not that interested in watching Tamil movies. Kudos Tamil movies you’ve got yourself a good watcher. I don’t know when I’ll get detached though 😛


IMDB- Crime thrillers Tamil



Questions and Answers or Therapy ?

So lately I’ve been asked these questions by acquaintances and strangers (a lot can happen in a journey) about “How to know if he’s serious about relationship” and related questions. Me being very little experienced couldn’t answer it at first but tried after some research. I’ve been reading and talking and hearing about life experiences and it was worth the thrill. Especially one encounter of a 80 something Couple whom I met and talked to. They were complete strangers but now I’m their family. So back to point, I’ve gathered information not sure if it holds true for everyone, because there are always exceptions. I’ve tried to summarized into points. On a serious Note, these points are from both Male and Female perspective.

And this works for both parties!

  • Future – Are you included in his/her future
  • Its not always about Money. But it is about Money too –  on this note ” If you take gifts and don’t gift anything in return- the other party will think of you as cheap Leech no offense but true. They lose respect simple. Surprises Help a lot.
  • Respect- Should be Mutual. And by it, be independent. Because nobody likes a lazy hobo.
  • Are you emotionally and Physically interested – Do not I repeat Do Not be in a relation just because you’re bored. At the same time think from the other side. If a guy asks you for nudes- he’s not the one! TRUTH. He’s not going to marry you. Period. ( Edit: This actually was from guys perspective. Ironic enough, though it would’ve been eye-opener for many)
  • Give Space and set boundaries. Don’t be obsessed or over possessive about anyone. This will drain out Love/interest /or any other feeling.
  • Abuse – If a guy/girl abuses you physically or mentally- HE/SHE’S NOT WORTH IT. Especially in public areas. Never be with them. You don’t need that negativity in your life.
  • set priorities right-Not everyone is busy its just priority that takes even a busy person to make or take a call.
  • EGO – It will either make or break your relationship.
  • If your partner is talking about a problem/past it doesn’t mean he/she is expecting your sympathy/solution in most cases. It is just that they are comfortable enough to share that with you. Don’t Judge.
  • Never drag/mix your past relationships with present. Do Not Compare.
  • Compliment Each other. Flirt have fun with each other. Spend quality of Time. Take walks.
  • Most of LDR’s won’t work. Sad Reality.

I was not this mature few years ago. Well, I wouldn’t even think about these being naive and its no excuse. So, these are my 2 cents. In a nutshell, it’s all about two hearts and brains trying to become one and have faith.

Happy New Year folks! Make a way to something new.


P.S. if you disagree or anything offend you in this, Please keep it yourself. and Do not spam or send messages. Thank you.

p.p.s. edit was on request. Thank you.

A fresh start for everyone everyday!

That’s the tag for Nescafe – instant coffee. Nescafe is like the best and tasty coffee after a long day. (Cuz it’s my favorite)

You know there’s a practice of tasting the coffee and it’s called coffee cupping. Well I got to know this today and here it goes:

1 – Nose the aromas while the coffee is still steaming

2 – Take a spoonful of coffee with a silver spoon

3 – Pucker your lips and slurp the coffee loudly

4 – Feel the texture of the coffee on your tongue

5 – Sense the weight of the coffee in your mouth

6 – Notice if it lingers… and enjoy!


So I happend to watch an ad of Nescafe and it’s been a really long time I’ve watched TV and I was always fascinated by Nescafe ads. I apologise for late post because it’s not easy being an intern in a hospital as I lost my touch with my social life. Nescafe ads are not just ads they have an excellent base and ofcourse taste.

I love these and others too. Check out other ads at YouTube if you’re interested.



Ever wondered Why do all stories start with once upon a time..? Well I did. So apparently there’s no valid reason for why it started.. its to just refer old times or back then where people actually got happily ever after or what they meant happily died!

“once upon a time” – an idiom which most us use it to indicate about past or some even say imagination, started in the UK is anytime before 6 July 1189, which means the Norman Conquest of England (1066) being described as once upon a time is legally justifiable (although not many of us would want to perhaps). Or even before that -source internet.

But I guess all the stories are bounded by this common “once upon a time”. Are the stories even stories without that? Well I was raised listening to those.Are storytellers a myth now? I haven’t seen a storyteller in my life other than my grandmother. Good luck if you did because I envy you.



The Golden Ratio!

KR: How many times in your life have you been in Love?

WR: Once

KR: What was it like?

WR: ……

Yep! Its Destination Wedding – the movie I’m talking about. This movie somehow made a special place with those sarcastic dialogues and KR’s good looks and my attraction towards miser-ability.

I’m not reviewing the movie here. Not a movie critic in anyway. Just, impressed with the ab-normalcy.

WR: Why do we live, Frank?  KR: Oh, Jesus Christ WR: The work we do isn’t meaningful in any great sense. The connections we make invariably fall to ruin.Everything we build burns to ground. Meaning is a myth. So, why do we live? KR: I was so enjoying the silence.

Cynically sarcastic art delivered at its best!

IMDb – Destination Wedding

Recently I came across this site and been using it since. Freerice is a non-profit website that is owned by and supports the United Nations World Food Programme. I just wish it supports all countries though.

Freerice works to Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.

It has about 7-8 subjects where you can chose accordingly and play (as in you’re given a question and four options and chose the correct one. For each right answer, it is shown as 10 grams of rice)

Each time you answer a question right, the banner ad that you see generates enough money for the World Food Programme to buy 10 grains of rice to help reach Zero Hunger. That’s how it works.

Get smarter and End Hunger by chilling in your home by using Freerice (at least a part maybe).

Check out their stats at Freerice wiki

Thank you!

500 days of summer!

Those were the days when waking up late without getting scolded was pride. Those were the days where we used to read newspapers to know which channel has got cartoon, movie or program just to know and discuss. Those were the days where every magzine is filled with sketches, crayoons and water colors. Those were the days where we used to wait till 10 am and evening 4 just to watch cartoons like jungle book, He man, Talespin, DuckTales,etc  as we had just one channel. Those were the days where only Hindi video songs used to play as it’s a national channel. Those were the days a one rupee cola flavored rasna was a prestige drink. Those were the days where a bottle with a five holes cap is an instant shower. Those were the days where a blanket camping inside the house with bunch is camp. Those were the days where Ice cubes were more important than they actually are. Those were the days where there’s only one land phone in house. Those were the days where afternoons were skilled by helping Mom making snacks. Those were the days where pickles were made naturally with love. Those the days playing with clay, cards was new. Those were the days thumbola or housie with 1 or 2 rupees made you rich. Those were the days we wait for mondays just to go to flea market and get balloons and snacks. Those were the days where mangoes go sharing rather than cabs. Those were the days eating lunch at neighbors wasn’t a big deal. Those were the days getting rented cycle was fun. Those were the days where galli cricket and who owns a bat was pride. Those were the days bragging about a train journey was simple. Those were the days when time pass in afternoons was snakes and ladders,business,chess,crossword,board games. Those were the days where we used to sleep on terrace and gaze and count stars. Those were the days were antenna and it’s position was more important. Those were the days when all the family used to stay in one room to watch an evening flick as it’s not going to not come again for a week. Those were the days when wearing mom’s saree or dad’s shoes was fun. Those were the days getting new books, stickers, bags , shoes, pencil box was very exciting. Those were the days going to a theatre was an experience. Those were the days getting summer cotton dresses was fashion. Those were the days newspapers cuttings made into scrap book. Those were the days owing more wwe cards makes you important in circle. Those were the days where Ice cream and custard were offered only after dinner.
Nostalgia. Countless. Unforgettable. Untradable. Amaze feels.
I can trade anything just to go back in time.


Found this today!


So one thing I got to know something new is I can sing without making other people’s ears bleed.Back in 2012 or so when I first talked to a friend on a call, he asked me that “so this is your voice..hmm” I didn’t quite understand what he meant back then..and my friends they were fixed that I’m not into singing..Hell with that! even I was fixed on that. There exists a thin line between joblessness and boredom where I wanted to do something new. Then with inspiration given by our house maid I recorded a song and sent it to a friend (with whom I had a rift) and to say he was shocked was understatement. And then after ages I tried again because of a dare and sent it to handful of people. To be honest they didn’t believe me so I have to sing in live in video call.

One thing I understood was,whether you do it or not, people are judgmental and are biased. And it is not constant. The only constant thing is your Life.So take chances. Explore.

And apparently, there’s something wrong if my life goal as adult is “Just want to be happy” according to people.


Quote or thought?

I was reading a book and suddenly I stumbled upon this,

Just because it fits, doesn’t mean it belongs

This actually changed my perspective on life. I mean it is apt to whatever I experienced. This definitely is a positive outlook for defining boundaries. I actually feel that change in the way I think or act.

Do you have any “life changing” or realization worth quotes with you?

An inspiration to generation!

After watching Mahanati  today, biography of Savitri garu , a single woman who ruled telugu and Tamil film industry for decades (50s,60s,70s) and still ruling hearts, a rare beauty. I was fascinated by the way the director potrayed her life with outstanding performances of actors. It amazed me that a woman who is not much educated, innocent, smart, witty, talented, stubborn, strong, sympathetic..lived all the way through love, hope, betrayal, success, failure, loneliness, empathy that we can see and feel all the way. The journey of her life is a lesson for everyone.

Maybe it’s true, loving someone blindly ruins you. And we should make peace with past. And that in turn brings peace to life.

Someday I hope I get to write someone’s story by living through it.